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Customs and regulations

From Norway to the EU or the opposite.

Transport of removal goods to or from a non-EU country, such as Norway and from or to an EU country, as Spain, France or Germany is exempt from customs duties and VAT. The removal goods must clear Customs to get it defined as customs and VAT-free. Mrs. Removal's successor take care of this, the only thing you need to produce is the following documents: The border between France and Spain

At entry into Spain or other EU countries:
- Copy of passport.
- Copy of deed or a lease contract with a duration of at least 2 years of residence in the resettlement country. The registration certificate from the municipality you will live in.
In addition, we write packing lists attached to the documents and the consignment note.

At entry into Norway:
- Copy of passport
- The Norwegian Customs Administrations declaration RD-0030E * "Flyttegodserklæring" Declaration for import to Norway.
In addition, we write packing lists attached to the documents and the consignment note.

Within the EU:
If you move within the EU, for example, from Spain to Sweden or vice versa, there is no custom duties. However, you have to pay VAT on the transportation cost. the Spanish VAT at 21% has to be paid for transport from Spain to Sweden, and Swedish VAT of 25% has to be paid when transport starts from Sweden to Spain. All documents needed, in addition to the consignment note, is packing lists, which we write when we collect the goods.

The link www.toll.no has useful information about customs regulations if you intend to introduce products to Norway, which is not defined as removal goods. If you for example, want to bring your Spanish-registered car to Norway, it may be useful to know what applies.
Similar to Sweden can be found at www.tullverket.se. We can of course help you with all this matters.

* When you move to Norway you must complete a declaration concerning your importation of household goods. Here you are certifying that nothing unlawful appears in your goods. In addition, you also certify that you have lived abroad continuously for at least a year. Se our Forms and documents page.

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